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Tackling the Tough Issues

No more Mandates under Tarrant County Leadership

Constitution will be followed and interpreted exactly as it is written. 

Accountability and Transparency within the County

Get Back to Town Hall meetings more than just Commissioner's Court.

I aim at real and properly certified medical professionals to provide real truth and accuracy with Current Health Issues.

Utilize true data, and analytics when making decisions within Tarrant County

Work Closely with schools to protect their integrity on Social Emotional Learning and Critical Race Theory.

Accountability with Election Integrity

Checks and Balances within Departments

I will look at all contracts thoroughly to make sure they are fiscally sound decisions. 

Umbrella Program departments to make it easier for Citizens to maneuver through. 

I will not back down from the tough issues, nor will I back down to Special Interest. 

Contracts within Tarrant County will demand full Transparency, and line items. 

I stand to lead with the people of Tarrant County.

I will have an open door policy. 




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Committee to Elect Robert Buker
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